August……..oo, oo, oo!

We are now in the grip of prime Spanish summer weather which means it’s hot and sunny every day! On top of that we’ve had very humid weather since the middle of June – this humidity shouldn’t be with us until now. Just shows how all weather patterns are changing and I’m sure it’s got something to do with the Jet Stream still being in the wrong place. C and I are fine with the heat as we have aircon and a pool to retreat to. My main concern is Lilycat as the temperatures have been in the low 30’s for nearly 6 weeks now but she seems to be coping by sleeping during the day and bounding around at night, although C and I have our sleep disturbed as she wants Sheba at 4 in the morning when its cooler!  At least it’s not the 57o we’ve heard about being experienced in Cyprus at present!

The other issue that’s really hit us is the lack of water. We are not on mains water and rely on a well. As a result we are now on ‘water stop’ which means we get water for roughly 6 hours spread throughout the day. Although that’s not always reliable as I went to put the washing machine on at 1pm all fine; by 2pm the machine was making an awful noise trying to pull water in when there wasn’t any available. Luckily our machine has a pause button for between 3 and 12 hours, so I was able to activate this and then when the water came back on at 20.30, I set the machine off from where it left off. What doesn’t help is although we’ve been told by our urbanisation Presidente and our Administrator that odd numbers can water their gardens on one day and the evens numbers on another, but when they do water, they are doing so for 2 hours or more which is just selfish. There is water but the pump in the well can’t keep up with the increased use. There will be some remedial work being done but not until September.

C and I were always dab hands at water saving and we are doing so with aplomb at present. I’ve even drawn up a water saving tips sheet for all our neighbours to hopefully share ideas and perhaps make those who don’t seem that interested to pause before putting the water on unnecessarily or for too long.

In addition, as several of our neighbours have, we’re having a water deposit installed. It’s not very large- holds just 500 litres – but it means if the water goes off and the washing machine is running, the pump will kick in and draw water from the deposit. The rest of the time, we’ll use water as per the timings we’ve been given. The deposit just gives us that bit of flexibility particularly as we haven’t yet got into the Spanish habit of eating around 9pm; we like a shower before we eat 7/7.30pm.

Aug 1: At Santiago’s Celebrating Yorkshire Day at the most English restaurant in el Grande!

Aug 2: Coffee and shopping before it gets hot. Hmmm been steaming since 8.30!

At Nuevo & Sur. Wonderful birthday celebrations for our lovely neighbour Marc with his wife Sylvia and our other neighbour Jilly. Met loads of super people! A little pickled on cava!

Aug 4: 41o! Fell over next to the pool, luckily not in it! Gashed right foot, hurt right knee, grazed right hand palm; left hip feels sore……must take more water with it 🙂

Aug 5: Blanca Feria in Alhaurin el Grande with the lovely Jilly. We’re all dressed in white which bearing in mind how Charlie throws his food around it could be a very messy evening ending with a soaking in Vanish!  All shops and restaurants decorated with white lanterns and what looks like large white Christmas balls. Had super meal at Casa Paco (fish restaurant)  Then Coffee at Bar Cafeteria Maike with Jilly. Balmy evening.

Aug 8: Excessive heat been reduced slightly with cooling northerly breeze.

This chap was in the pool this morning thankfully dead although why he crawled under the cover to have a drink is beyond me! He looks like one of the spaceships from Babylon 5!


Aug 10 – 21:  I was visiting the UK.  Whilst I was away, my husband reported that for 3 days the temperature hit 44o!

He also visited the Malaga Feria which was full of music, colour and food and which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Aug 21: The eagle has landed back in Spain! OMG! It’s hot, hot,HOT! Sinking wine as I type!

Aug 22: Looks like I left the sun or what there was of it in England! Low grey cloud and misty here BUT 25o and VERY humid.

Aug 22: At Santiago’s for Sod Off meal for Ian – we love this place!


Aug 23: Lovely meal at Finca la Mota, sitting under the trees with a lovely cool breeze across the valley.

Aug 24: At Santiago’s celebrating Mrs B’s birthday with cava etc…..!


Aug 27: Hotel Castillo de Monda for coffee and wine!

Fogon de Morales for Sod Off steak meal for Jacqui and David…………..but we don’t really want them to go.

Aug 30: Moist one in el Grande today and with 67% humidity it’s not surprising!

Aug 31: Doing steam ironing in high humidity – not the best idea in the world!

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