July…..feeling hot, hot, hot!

July 5: Ladies who lunch…at Lauro Golf


Extreme weather predicted for Spain….some rain wouldn’t go amiss!

And trying not to fall asleep watching Wimbledon after a bad night’s sleep caused by a cat who is currently more awake at night than during the day as it’s VERY humid at present – she was in and out 4 times: a dog barking incessantly up the road (disturbed one of my neighbours too) and too hot despite aircon on and no top sheet. Phew!

July 6: I don’t like spiders although I have got better over the years. Sweeping the patio this morning turned over the sign to our old house and found this beauty asleep in his/her thick web. My stomach lurched and I very quickly squished it – shudders!  It was asleep in it’s web on the underside of the plaque so I just put it back down and pressed hard. I heard it squish errr! Also rinsed the patio where I’d killed it in case I’d released any venom – to protect our little Babycat. I’ve seen another web like it in our orchard – just hope that doesn’t contain husband/wife and babies!


Great! Critical point in the Federer match and I’ve lost BBC 1! BBC 2 is ok and I’ve rebooted the system. Acox please sort it out!

Watching our lounge aircon unit open reminds me of Klatu’s space ship in the original and best version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Feel I should be saying ‘Klatu barrada nicto’ to it!

July 7: There be thunder in them there mountains.  The humidity’s stifling!


July 8: Warm in the pool today – touched 35o!

July 9: A cheeky glass of cava (may be the bottle!) celebrating my good friend Chrissie’s birthday and Ladies Singles Finals at Wimbledon. Vamos Angelique!  Wow! Amazing first set. Regrettably Serena won it. Vamos Angelique!

July 11: Lily brings us a gift this morning a beautiful green striped gecko perfectly intact running around our hall floor. Thank you Lily – I pick her up and get her away from it. Charlie completely starkers picks up gecko and in broad daylight, hides it in our front garden! Apologies to any of our neighbours who may have seen him particularly Jilly and Sylvia!

Forest fires are becoming an issue around Spain though thankfully not here.

July 12: Evening meal at Santiagos’s with super neighbours Jilly and Sylvia – it’s hot! Bought my portable fan with me which sprays water. Phew! Jilly and the Husband are so funny together – a terrific double act!

July 19: If the Guardia Civil pull you over – the only differences here are the Guardia Civil salute you when they first speak to you (nice touch!), they will come to the right of the vehicle not the driver’s side and once they’ve finished, they will assist you with rejoining the traffic, as God knows the Spanish aren’t known for being that keen on letting you out as we’ve experienced ourselves!

A beautiful cooling wind has just come up! With this continuing humidity I thought my head was going to explode!

Hey! Who turned the lights out? It’s gone really dark here! Storm on the coast – nothing here.

At Fogon de Morales – Gimme steak I’m starving Marvin, to welcome the Old Man home!

July 24:eating lunch at Finca la Mota – lovely breeze and spectacular views.

July 25: Spanish – UK estate agent reports huge increase in interest in buying in Spain post Brexit.

July 28: Casa la Abuela taparia – haven’t been out for a while and this tapas bar is amazing!

July 31: 13876177_10153242161439364_125884006466706764_n

This is a carpenter bee. I thought he was a goner as he took ages to move. I found him upside down on a lilo that has drink holes in it – he was stuck in one of those holes and couldn’t right himself. Needless to say the lilo is now stored the other way around to prevent this kind of thing happening again. I mixed a solution of local honey and water on the end of a teaspoon and put him next to it.  Also provided a makeshift shelter as he was in direct sun.

After about 6 hours, I am very pleased to say that my patient recovered and flown away!

It’s certainly a day for wildlife! Here’s a small preying mantis on one of our loungers



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