May be……Maybe not!

May 1: Firecrackers going off last night and tonight. Lilycat is not amused.  May Day festivities one wonders!?

May 2: Been very mild the last couple of days.  Now eating outside at Santiago’s Kitchen.

May 3: The lovely Helen has arrived and the wine’s flowing!

May 4: It wasn’t the wine I swear but I feel rubbish today.  Bless him, Charlie is looking after Hele.

May 5: Now I’ve got earache, great!

May 6: Limited internet, blanket grey, thick fog….and pouring with rain! What film am I watching? Singing in the Rain! All drains cleared, had to let water out the pool as well as it was at risk of overflowing! Hopefully if we get anymore it won’t flood again.  Think we’ve had between 6 and 8 inches!

May 7: Naked Gardening Day….god help us!  Guess who has no clothes on!?

May 9:  After several trips to Fuengirola Policia Nacional station to get the ‘green card’ and after a lot of gnashing and grinding of teeth, we finally have our 5 year ‘residencia’.

May 10: It’s now thundering for good measure! And I’ve got antibiotic ear drops as I have an ear infection which explains why I’ve been feeling so rough.

May 11:  Pouring with rain again! And thundering again!

May 12: At Cafe Bar Torres: With a couple of the most wonderful glasses of local rioja. So nice to be out after being stuck indoors for 3 days and we had to do shopping. We have seen the sun but it’s still raining on and off.

May 13: Clearing up after a week of huge amounts of rain (which is desperately needed). One casualty has been the pool temperature which has dropped from 26o to 19o. Hope it doesn’t take too long to recover.

They’ve arrived! Brother and sister reunited. Lovely surprise overnight guests Charlie’s sister and partner! Bless them after a fraught, long journey including getting lost in Cartegena and running out of petrol, they are currently sinking beer and wine with aplomb, plus ciabatta cheese rolls!

May 14: Busy day sorting out pool mostly. You wouldn’t believe how much crap was in there all brought down by the constant rain we had this last week, 18 inches in all apparently! The reservoir is ‘even stevens’;  I was hoping it’d be more than enough but no. Currently watching rugby cup final from what was a very wet Lyon, then Pointless and then EUROVISION! Being banished to the tv room for that one. Come on UK! Vamos Espana!

Eurovision scorecard printed, sangria made, now in tv room ready on BBC 1 for Eurovision. Pointless Celebrities all Eurovision groups including the lovely Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston from Bucks Fizz! Been wandering round house singing Scooch’s Flying the Flag (loved that entry!) Husband not impressed!

May 16: It looks like the warmer weather is here and set to stay. Busy week catching up with chores we couldn’t do when it was pouring plus bits and pieces we’ve got to go out for, all prior to Ian’s latest visit starting Saturday. But still time for a coffee and cake at El Colmenero!

May 17: Our beautiful swallows are on the Telefonica wires still waiting to be fed! The one who fledged first early yesterday has already left and is on another wire.

We think this is the little one we rescued. He fell out of the nest and into a tall packing box we had rubbish in. C and I slowly took everything out and bless, he flew out straight into the wall, then hit the floor, righted himself and flew out to join his siblings.

May 17: Supper Club at Santiago’s Kitchen. A Cypriot Feast – looking forward to this, our first Supper Club night at a favourite restaurant and sitting outside, a beautiful evening. Sublime and beautifully prepared, cooked and presented. Wonderful flavours with a little heat – gorgeous. Pausing now before 2 desserts! Bravo!

May 18:

A beautiful hibiscus flower in our front garden.

Also visited a podiatrist for C – the fabulous Karin of Happy Feet, just outside Coin.

May 19: Delicious lunch at Chirunguito La Sardina, Los Alamos, near Torremolinos with two of our super neighbours.

May 21: C this morning after putting aftersun on – ‘don’t you think I look like one of the Chestertons’. Took me a moment to realise he was talking about The Chippendales! ‘Oh I knew it was some sort of furniture!’ came the response!

Back at Santiago’s Kitchen with the newly arrived Ian on a balmy summer evening. Came home and went to our neighbour’s wedding reception in their garden.  Great fun and I had a boogie too – thanks Dan & Rowena xx

May 23: Lunch at Chirunguito Lazara y Cocho near Torremolinos. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine if blowy, sea breaking heavily on shore and a tinto de verano grande – bliss.

May 24: Day trip to beautiful Cordoba including a 3.5 hour walking tour of the city. The amazing cathedral-mosque has to be seen to be believed!

Wonderful late lunch at Gourmet Iberico – Patio Romano before wending our way home.

May 25: “The wise person chooses a partner who is not only attractive to them, but also to flies, midges and mosquitoes” – thank you Tracy, the perfect partner!

May 26: Feria de Mayo is starting in el Grande. Here’s Melodie at the lovely greengrocers we go to all dressed up in her finery for the festivities to come. Unfortunately, she wasn’t crowned Queen of the Feria but here are the King & Queen in all their finery.

May 27: It’s warm in the pool – 29o!  And it’s Feria Day – the town is adorned in its colour of purple, plus the green and white of the Andalusian flag.

May 28: We welcomed the indomitable Mother-in-law, 93 years young to our home. She and her late husband holidayed frequently on the Costa del Sol so it was nice to be able to take her back to some of her favourite haunts.  Lunch in Mijas Pueblo at Pampa tablas & tapas.

May 29: Lunch at the lovely Finca La Mota with super views and there’s always a breeze.

Followed by cocktails at Nuevo & Sur in el Grande.

Another beautiful hibiscus from our garden.

May 30: A beautiful coffee stop at Hotel Castillo de Monda, fantastic setting with amazing views.




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