April Showers?

April 1: The Barbarian Horde arrived yesterday in the form of Charlie’s daughter, her boyfriend and 3 of their friends!  And what a fantastic bunch they are too!  Lots of lively antics and laughter around the villa. Indeed, so impressed were they with our home, they got straight onto their respective airlines in order to get later flights home on the Sunday!

April 3:  Whilst it’s lovely having visitors, there is something quite satisfying about being able to wander around your home in the nude!

Typical just as I need to do a myriad of washing including towels, sheets and duvet covers one of my 2 washing lines decides to break! At least nothing ended up in the pool this time!

At last the house is ours again…..had a couple of our lovely neighbours over for lunch and to watch the Cricket T20 World Cup Final between England and the West Indies. We didn’t win but was a super afternoon. After sorting out the house this morning, I am now officially knackered.

April 4: The weather’s changed again! On a wet, cold and windy day, Babycat asks for cuddles with daddy; daddy now can’t move! Bless! X

April 7: Super evening with our neighbours discussing everything from the EU to bullfighting to Keeping Up Appearances!

April 10: Hubby says an unexpected benefit from all this sunshine is the increase in the ash-blonde highlights in both his hair and beard…..what there is of them!

April 12: Back to the Chinese restaurant Hong Bin Lo. Having another super menu del dia at this fab Chinese! Weather has been very odd the last 2 days, very damp, cold and windy with occasional sunshine so I was feeling cold. Lovely chicken and sweet corn soup got me warm……plus 2 glasses of rioja of course!

April 15: My parents are now visiting so a great time for us to have a break and show them around. Also to try a new restaurant, the superb Little Geranium in La Cala de Mijas. Weather breezy but sunny.

Way to go ma! The Little Geranium signature Crispy Duck Salad and ma using chopsticks for the first time!

April 18: Just found out this evening that our beautiful Babycat Lily has what looks like a friend in another cat . Not sure if male or female but it’s grey/white and perhaps it reminds her of Pabs bless. So pleased as she’s a sweet girl…. or if he’s male, she’s a little tart!

April 19: At El Colmenero in el Grande. Last coffee and cake with ma and pa.

Safe in grandma’s lap with her head resting on grandpa’s knee – bless!

April 21: At Torres Bar in el Grande eating tapas and looking at so many drinks on the bar I’ve never heard of! Anyone heard of Passport Scotch?!

April 23: Just spent another fab evening with our lovely neighbours. The cava was flowing beautifully – I think this could become a regular thing!

April 24: 28o and rising!

April 27: A trip to La Cala to see the sea with friend Lisa and a cheeky cocktail at Olivia’s Bar/Restaurant!

So left hubby with one request to hang out washing which he did bless. However not all clothes on line with pegs, some were just hung over. When I queried this he said I got bored! Thank goodness no wind today or most of it would have ended up in the pool but I am grateful for your efforts.

April 28: L’experience restaurant, Malaga City.  Great to meet up with friends who’ve docked in Malaga as part of their cruise and having a catch up at this super eaterie.

April 30: Baby swallows under our car port!






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