Conejo de Pascua (or Easter Bunny)

March 1: Sunrise on the mountains across the Guadalhorce Valley.

March 2: 23o!

March 3: Plaza Mayor is also a super place to watch the planes come into land at Malaga airport. Loads of parking over 3 areas. Also a brilliant karting place.

At La Garten de la Abuela (Grandma’s Skillet).

March 6: visited the Alhambra Palace, Granada. My second time here. Excited love this Palace. Temperature slightly different to last time 8o as opposed to 40! A super day weather wise as it started out very dark and cloudy.  The sun blessed us with an appearance though it was still chilly.

March 8: eating at Pizza Smilo, Plaza Mayor.

March 9: Today was a milestone – all our decorating work is complete. Now for the clean up and the rest of the unpacking! The wonderful Fran and Jack have been superb – their craftsmanship has to be seen to be believed.

March 10:Ah back in lovely La Cala meeting C’s mate Dave for breakfast.

March 11: We have 2 pairs of swallows nesting in the roof of our carport – ssswwweeettt!

March 13: Day 2 of pool opening completed. Superchlorination (sounds like something out of Thunderbirds!) done. Pool pump has to run for 24 hours now before final check tomorrow and that’s it, the pool will be open! Spent the rest of the day unpacking boxes of books and dvds. So pleased to have got rid of so many boxes but those of you who know us well there are LOADS of books and dvds – the sorting has been knackering. At last sitting down for a rest as back aching but pleased with what I’ve achieved.

March 13: Lily’s decided to be a battle cat! Even tried to get on top of the aircon unit!

March 14: Final day of pool opening done. Water looks amazing even if I do say so myself. Slight problem in that the pump basket sprang a leak when it was fine overnight. Soon put right by the fab Ken from Pool School. Pool pump on timed clean now and working fine.

Had my first hair cut today since 3rd week of October last year! I’d been trimming my own fringe. Feels great to have a proper cut and Gabriele was lovely from Hair by Hair. Will definitely be going back again.

March 17: After 20 weeks we finally had churros y chocolate!

March 18: That’ll teach me – don’t walk around the newly painted house with a glass of red wine in your hand when you use your hands to elucidate what you’re saying….red wine now adorns one of our bedroom walls oops!

March 19: Cava and strawberries…..don’t mind if I do! And I’m sitting down!

March 20: Bit of a star spot today where we were having lunch – Kim Tate from Emmerdale aka actress Claire King who I understand is now in Coronation Street. Perhaps not as good as last week on Mijas Costa as reported in the local press….Samuel L Jackson no less!

March 21: There’s a saying in these parts – it always rains at Easter. Well it’s pouring now and the forecast for Thursday onwards is 22o and wall to wall sunshine.

March 23: Day trip to Seville – Super day in a super city despite a migraine! Could only happen to me! All the cities are gearing up for Easter and parades have started today not only in Seville but on a comfort stop home, the tv showed footage from Almeria and Cordoba. The biers either Christ was on or showing Pilates washing his hands of Christ’s fate were elaborate and covered in flowers as was the one of the Virgin Mary in Seville Cathedral. El Grande has a procession on Good Friday which is a re-enactment of Christ carrying his cross with the Virgin Mary lamenting his fate and imminent death. Powerful stuff.

March 24: Lunch at Casa Paco, fish restaurant – eating outside too!

Into the pool with shouts of warm spot, warm spot!

March 25: Amazing clouds

March 26: Chirunguito El Sardina on the beach near Torremolinos. I’m one of the 3 people paddling and there was still snow on the mountains!

Then the home made batch of sangria. Don’t recall much after the second lot!

March 27: Happy Easter everyone! And another fabulous meal at El Mirlo Blanco, Mijas Costa.

March 28: Woken up to all the news about Storm Katie overnight. We hope that all families and friends in the UK are safe and well along with property x

March 29: 3 loads of washing done, 2 loads of ironing done. Last load finishing drying on line. 3 duvet covers put on. One room nearly ready for next guests. Think I deserve a sit down with a cold drink and my feet in the pool – ooo it’s lush I must say!








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  1. Hi

    Really enjoyed going through the blog, will looked forward to future entries.

    Reminded me if I need reminding why I want to join you guys out there.


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