January blues…….the sky that is!

Happy New Year to all those who are staying in with their pets which included us but thanks to the wonders of Skype, it was great to have a long chat and a couple of glasses of champagne with friends who live in Denmark and to show some UK friends around our villa via the same method!

Well that was surreal – tuned into a Spanish radio station to get the chimes for midnight and as well as them, we got Auld Lang Syne in English! Gotta love this country!
Ah the Spanish fireworks have started and Lily’s woken up! Up goes the volume on the telly – The Nation’s Favourite Bond themes is ideal for that!

5 January: The Christmas period continues in Spain as they celebrate Epiphany here which is tomorrow. Christmas decorations are still up and the children are not back to school yet. Traditionally children receive gifts tomorrow from The Three Wise Men. They also have a special cake which is Rincon de Reyes (Roulade of Kings) – it’s a bit like Chelsea bun mix without sultanas covered in sugar with what are like huge Newberry Fruits on top. It’s filled with very sweet patisserie cream which I remove preferring a scrape of butter in the middle of the 2 bits I’ve tried. Today C found a small King figure in his bit – in Spanish tradition, this means he’s King of the Celebration. I wish I hadn’t told him – he’s been going round singing ‘I am the King’ for the last 2 hours!

7 January: It was very cold last night so we decided to fire up our wood burner before the sun disappears. Very toasty it is too.

9 January: It’s blowing a hooley in el Grande, pouring with rain too which is good news for the local reservoir which has been running low. Our furbaby woke us at 05.10 with purrs and ‘feed me mum’. Two bowls of Sheba later, she’s refuelled and back out the cat flap for more fun and frolics in the wind! Clever girl stayed under the pergola to stay dry.
Lummy this morning it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain….It’s now bright blue skies and sunshine and 19o! Crazy weather but great.
Just watching the rugby from Leicester where it’s pouring with rain and a complete mudbath! Charles has been dozing on the veranda in the sun, in his shorts/sunglasses and the temperature registered 21.5o!

12 January: Pouring with rain overnight and Lily’s bought half the garden in with her!
Time to winterise the pool today. Been too windy before wouldn’t be able to see what I’m doing. All fine till I needed to add some extra cleanser to the pump basket – forgot to close one of the outward valves….water everywhere. Eventually worked out what I needed to do but not until pool house swimming in water! Charles got the pump cover back on bless him, both soaked. Had to get Andrew from Pool School to come and check everything was ok for which we very grateful – thankfully C had done a brilliant job and all fine. Couldn’t finish winterise – got to finish that tomorrow. Knackered.
Rewatching A Place in the Sun, the programme that pointed us to where we are now. Great to see the Mirador Hotel and our town, easily recognising the places shown.

17 January: the cherry blossoms are coming out and my husband has changed into Eddie Calvert (Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White!)

18 January: drove into the mountains to El Churro where cherry blossoms and eagles sore at 2,000ft.

22 January: Lummy a warm one in el Grande this afternoon! Fell asleep on the veranda and really toasty. Keep being told by people we are very lucky with the weather – all we say is long may it continue! 18o with pale blue skies and watery sunshine.

We decided to have a Friday night curry something we haven’t had for months. The restaurant was recommended and we miss Imli. Oh dear – how can any curry possibly be bland? Well this one was! Lesson learned – never again and we’ll have several blow outs at Imli when we’re back in the UK. Avoid Indian Flavour in el Grande like the plague!

23 January: Found another super garden centre just outside el Grande, Casa de las Flores.

Now 21o and that’s in the shade!

25 January: Earthquake! We’d like to assure all our friends and family that we are fine following the 6.6 magnitude earthquake 100 miles off the coast of Malaga. The first we heard about it was on the Classic FM news. Didn’t feel a thing and sadly the earth didn’t move for us on this occasion! Two of our neighbours felt it.  Also we had Lilycat sleeping with us and she would have woken up had she felt anything. News reports – The first tremor was 6.6 with several aftershocks including one of 5.3. There was also a minor tremor last week – who knew!?!
Some of the damage in Malaga looks quite severe and there was a small tsunami (6ft).

26 January: Thunder in the mountains, hot water coming out of the toilet pipe (go figure that one!) sprung a leak in the bathroom- pipe to other toilet stuck with Bostick!, dust everywhere…..ah the joys of remodelling. At least the sun’s out at present so we’ve retreated to the veranda to stay out of trouble. Lily’s temporarily left home due to the noise and the mess and strange men in the house!

29 January: Lordy my husband’s getting into soft furnishings! He loves Zara Home and a Spanish store called Ajoya do Gato Preto both in the Miramar centre near Fuengirola. Our house look is coming on a treat!

Thunder in the mountains again, loads of sheet lighting and heavy rain well we need it. Strange temperature though 10o most of the day so it’s been really chilly, raised a little bit to 14o mid afternoon with a little sun. Now a storm? Not been humid today. Very odd weather.

30 January: Well that was a wild night! The storm lasted well into the wee small hours continuing with very heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It rumbled around for a good 6 hours! Lily was a bit wary a couple of times with the thunder but she slept with us for quite a while going out at 5am and back at 7. Just glanced outside and all our water containers are full to the brim and the pool’s been topped up too! Still we need it and hoping that our local reservoir in the Guadalhorce valley has been filled up as local press reported it was very low 2 weeks ago.

Ah the sun’s come out and it’s really warm so washing on the line!

31 January: Earthquakes last week, storm Friday night now we’ve got snow on the mountains opposite but it’s beautifully warm in the sunshine! Officially crazy weather!




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