November 2015

2 November: Refreshing glass of tonic with slice of lemon from one of our trees! Saving myself for sangria later. Another busy day – more cleaning and mopping, purchased a few white goods and a post box of all things! This moving lark is knackering!

6 November: On our way to pick up Babycat! From where we are, we are possibly driving parallel with her flight coming into land across the valley. Feeling very excited and a bit emotional!
On our way home now. Lilycat is fine and meowing and purring loudly as she’s with her daddy again. Many many thanks to Marshfoot Cattery in Hailsham and Transfur for looking after her so well.
She’s eaten, having a wander around and sniffing everything; even tried to get on to the very top of the kitchen cupboards!

10 November: our first guest arrived! Sleeping amongst boxes on a put up bed, Roscoe aka Baldrick was a great help unpacking and helping us sort out. We also had a rest too and chilled with a fabulous meal at El Mirlo Blanco, our favourite restaurant in Mijas Pueblo.

17 November: Enrolled on Pool School course which is 2-4 hours Thursday morning. Will teach me how to clean filters, check the pH level of the pool to make sure its safe and clean – I think I’ll feel like the mad scientist by the end of it BUT much cheaper than hiring someone to do this for us. Pool’s got a lot of dust at the bottom – 2 lots of storms- but have sat with feet on the top step as they were very hot and it was very refreshing. Just got to get over my spider phobia to do the necessary in the pool house. Cleaned out the debris from the bottom of the pool today and it’s already looking a lot better; only 19o so a bit chilly to swim in at present.
Also chopped back some lelandyii which was encroaching on the washing line area……2.5 large refuse bags later!

18 November: Would you believe it! Missed our 15 minutes of fame as the property show, ‘A Place in the Sun’ called us to see if we still wanted to be on a show! Never mind – had we waited we wouldn’t have got our lovely home. In addition, I learnt of the untimely deaths of 3 people today, 2 whom I knew relatively well. As I sit here on our ‘naya’ and look across the beautiful Guadalhorce valley, how right we were to ‘seize the day’ and move; carpe diem indeed.

24 November: we have a new back door. We have light and Lily has a cat flap – fabulous! In addition at the front of the property, we had a palm tree removed as it was dying and harbouring some nasty creepy crawlies. Our view across the valley is even better!

25 November: Busy morning shopping at Miramar/Eroski or Evostik as C calls it, Aki like Homebase and Iceland of all places which stock Waitrose products! Checked out local restaurant Carolina as not been out for a while. Superb menu especial del dia for €15 plus €5 for 2 large glasses of gorgeous rioja tinto! Now home on the naya, sun shining down, a balmy 18o, iPod on, glass of Lindesfarne Mead in hand, wonderful views – ah this is the life! Salut!

27 November: Felt very odd taking the hire car back to airport and we weren’t getting on a plane. Nice though as it’s 21o today! Our new leased car arrives next week.

29 November: The weather here remains dry and bright and very pleasantly warm. We’ve got into a pattern of doing chores or going out shopping in the morning then having a late lunch about 2ish and then resting in the sun from then till approx. 4 or 5pm, listening to music or reading or just ‘chilaxing’! Once the sun starts to go down, the temperature drops quickly and can get quite chilly – I’m currently wearing up to 3 outfits a day to allow for the different temperatures! It can start being 9o, then quickly rises to 13.5o and by lunchtime it can hit 19o – the last couple of days its easily been 20 or 21o by midday and the temperature continues to rise in the afternoon, up to 24o!
We’re gradually getting ourselves sorted – we had to unseal all the boxes as we’d mislaid our gardening shoes and Lily’s ping pong balls! – in the process, we managed to consolidate a couple of the remaining items in one box so this has cleared more room for us which is good.
We’re keeping everything else in boxes until the decorating is done, which might not happen this side of Christmas – we’d only have to re-box it again. Our removal company will come and collect the boxes when we’ve completely finished, there’s no time scale and they’ve already come to collect a van load full which is good. In addition, our new furniture should arrive either this week or next – it’ll be so lovely to have a sofa in the lounge again especially as Lily likes to sit beside us.
I received training on how to look after the pool which was interesting and mind boggling at the same time! The pool is already looking better if I do say so myself. In addition, we’re having the pool workings rehoused outside the ‘Harry Potter’ cupboard where it is now – it’s back and knee breaking trying to do the necessary with no light source (apart from our wind up lamp); I’m ok now but in years to come it will be completely unfeasible for me to get under there. They’re going to make the ‘house’ from the same stone as the villa so it will match with a UPVC lift up ‘roof’ which means I can stand up rather than crawling on all fours! I’ve not been in the pool yet but plan to get at least 1 swim in before I ‘winterise’ it; the only problem is that whilst the temperature when we arrived was a cool 19o, since the wind changed direction from the north east last weekend, it’s dropped to 11 – 12o!! I’m still determined to get in there also C doesn’t believe I will!
We’ve a had a quote for the works to be done (items that were highlighted in the surveyor’s report) as well as a new bathroom which we are very pleased with. We’ve picked the new tiles and are going to have the a false ceiling installed to house small spotlights and an ‘Xpelair’ type fan to pull the steam from the shower area – when you have a shower now, you have to have the bathroom window slightly open to try and disperse the steam – you can’t see into the bathroom mirror at all. Our man, who’s English, can’t start work till the New Year as he’s so busy – we’ve heard this from a lot of people, which is great news for the economy and for all types of trades people.
We’ve also had our 4 fruit trees lopped for the winter as they were getting very overgrown and scrawny at the tops. The chap was here for about an hour and a half and it cost us €10! We are still getting edible fruit from our 2 orange trees but the lemon has gone off now but still smells nice. The other tree which we thought was a Seville orange may in fact be a lime tree but the jury’s out on that one – we need to see the fruit next year. We’ve also an avocado tree in the front garden so we’re looking forward to trying them next year too!
We really love it here – even going to the town hall to register our ownership of the villa gave us the opportunity to explore another part of the town, with the town hall being a must see on its own – Moorish influence internally, with a beautifully tiled courtyard with a fountain and galleried walkways to each office. Even the views when you came out were fantastic all across the Guadalhorce valley.
We haven’t ventured too far other than to the massive Miramar complex near Fuengirola for shopping.

Photo below: our beautiful girl, Lily in one of our orange trees.

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