A Brief Update

Good morning from a pleasant and warm Costa del Sol where we are staying at Club La Costa while preparing our villa for occupation.
Just to reassure you all the weather here for the last 3 days has been interesting with high winds, rain and 4 hours of spectacular lightning out at sea. We glad we’re not here on holiday!
Our possessions arrived a day early so we shall be spending the next couple of days doing basic unpacking only. The villa needs a bit of TLC so we’ll be leaving most things such as books packed while arranging for a decorator and some general maintenance work. As you may imagine things are extremely hectic organising just the basics for life out here. We need to register with the local Town Hall, establish bank accounts and credit ratings, sort out utilities, obtain new furniture and white goods, etc. etc.
On top of that we’ve to get used to driving on the “other side” and learn the best local routes, shops etc. I don’t think either of us are ready to “fly solo” yet!
We’re also getting used to just how low the prices for goods in general are over here compared to UK – I don’t know quite how the high prices back there can be justified, as it can’t all be labour costs. Just as an example we have bought a king-sized divan bed, a king-sized sofa bed, a 2-seater and a 3-seater sofa for 2,500 euros – under £2k! Yesterday we had 2 coffees and Danish cakes for 4.5euros – about £3!
We still have loads to do, including arranging internet and local phones and on Friday we shall finally be collecting Tiger Lily from the airport – she has spent the last 10 days in a cattery in England and we have, of course, missed her hugely.


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