The hunt for ‘Red October’!

CDK 786
Cosmic wish list



9 October 2015 – my last day at work.  I was still feeling I was having an out of body experience and would wake up in bed with the alarm telling me it was 6am and time to get up for work and all that had happened over the last few months would have been a dream.  But no!  My colleagues decorated my desk – even including flowers in the colours of the Spanish flag! – and I left after lunch, ready and excited for our new adventure to begin.

10 October 2015 – a series of ‘Sod Off’ meals started; Sod Off as in all our families and friends saying ‘Sod off – you’re off to Spain and we’re stuck here!’

13 October 2015 – short trip to Spain to sign documents at the lawyers, present ourselves at the notary and measure up, bought new furniture etc. Found a fabulous local family firm, Guillen’s, for the latter. The lovely Rosa was enormously helpful and we were amazed at the quality and value of what we bought – a king sized bed, a sofa bed, 1 two seater sofa, one 3 seater sofa all for €2,500 – amazing! It’s important to allow time to do the legal bits required in Spain in the melee of everything else going on. Also bearing in the mind the pace at which everything happens during this period, it’s also good to ensure you get some ‘down time’ to give you a chance to regroup.

23 October 2015 – after a stressful 2 weeks, we exchanged!

24 October 2015 – whilst I was sorting out, I found a A3 sheet of paper from a self awareness course I did one Saturday in the mid-90’s, one of those courses which look at best colours to wear, styles of clothing and creating a ‘cosmic wish list’ which this was. I have achieved everything on there!  At the bottom, not only is there a cutting from an article entitled ‘A Place in the Sun’, but the very last words at the bottom say’ Live Abroad’…………….

28 October 2015 – We are currently homeless! Moving packing started yesterday with the super Paul and Shane who worked endlessly to pack everything. The speed they did it took my breath away. Lorry loaded today with me whizzing around with hoover in one hand and wash cloth in the other getting house spic and span for the lovely new owners. Thanks to ma and pa for letting us descend on them for us to regroup, do our financial stuff and for me to have a bath – boy does my back ache. Now safely ensconced in our hotel for the night. Very tired but very excited. Lilycat went on her holibobs/boarding school yesterday safely installed in the cattery- boy we missed her last night xx

29 October 2015 – Now installed in hotel near Gatwick. I fell asleep the minute we arrived as shattered after yesterday. Early dinner as early flight tomorrow. It’s been 23 degrees in Alhaurin today!

30 October 2015 – It’s 6.14am on Charlie’s Special Birthday, we’re at Gatwick and about to fly to Spain permanently! Huzzah!

2.30pm – Safely arrived at Club La Costa our temporary base and they’ve given us fabulous accommodation complete with jacuzzi and bottle of Cava! Sun shining and its 23 degrees – lovely! Thanks CLC xx

7.30pm – collected the villa keys from our lawyer at the wonderful El Torsten restaurant in Fuengirola – the villa is ours, all ours!!

31 October 2015 – cleaned the villa.  Paid for our furniture which was delivered on 3 November!

One of our neighbours has a large dog called Djambo; his bark sounds like ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’!




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