Full steam ahead July -September 2015

The next few months disappeared in a whirl of activity – Charlie used to be a Senior Project Manager with IBM so he used the same skills to plan our move.  It became his full-time job; I referred to it as a military operation – carefully planned to the Nth degree and hopefully fulfilled to all our expectations. All the things you have to consider for a normal move coupled with the fact that we were leaving the country!

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of forward planning – make a ‘to do’ list and follow this redrafting it as things progress and expand.  To give you a guide we would recommend the following companies:

  • Manzanares – English speaking Spanish lawyers based in el Grande and Marbella
  • Chesterton’s Estate Agents – English based in Marbella
  • Ideal Property Search  – English estate agents based in el Grande
  • PSS International Removals
  • Transfur – for safe transportation of your family pets abroad. Also speak to your vet about getting a pet passport

We were sorting and throwing out and sorting and to the charity shop every weekend! It’s important to plan ahead and not to get rid of everything as you could find out you need something when you get to Spain which you had inadvertently thrown out. It’s difficult but try and think carefully about this.

One thing I would say is don’t throw out all your winter clothes – reduce these but make sure you have plenty of warm clothes such as jeans, jumpers, long socks, slippers and coats etc. as Spain does has its cold spells, particularly in the evening.  On the Costa del Sol, this runs from December to mid-March. You may get odd warm days during this time or the occasional afternoon when the thermometer will rise but the rest of the time you will need extra layers.

Don’t be surprised if you find it warmer outside than inside as properties as designed to be cool inside in the summer.  You have tiles instead of carpets so investing in a few rugs for the winter period is a good idea.

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