The House (Re)-Awakens! 2 July 2015

So we came home and our search continued. In the meantime, when checking our ‘dream home’, we saw that the online post now had ‘reservado’ (reserved) printed across it – in Spanish law, when you make an offer that is accepted on a house, you then pay a flat rate reservation fee of €6,000 which takes the property off the market to avoid gazumping, it forms part of the contract and part of the deposit.  It is also non-refundable, so if you decide not to proceed you lose the money, unless something untoward is found on the searches.

It meant that someone else had seen the house and made an offer that was accepted – ho hum.

We had a pretty rough couple of weeks after coming back from Spain. I ended up being signed off work as my stomach problems were not resolving and a myriad of tests were undertaken – because of my age, I started wondering if something more sinister was going on; indeed my GP had mentioned the possibility of a rare type of tumour which was checked for in one of the tests. At that point, I honestly thought ‘I’m not going to Spain’. Worst of all, one of our beloved cats had to be put to sleep after collapsing. It was like a cloud of gloom and doom had descended over our house.

On the Thursday of the second week, I was feeling marginally better and some of the tests had come back negative, which was a relief. Charlie was out food shopping. The phone rang, which I didn’t get to in time but our phone has a call screening service on it and it said ‘International’. I then heard the voice of our estate agent – the sale of our ‘dream home’ had fallen through (‘they’ couldn’t secure the finance needed). If we were able to match the offer already accepted, we would have first refusal before the property went back on the market! I kept my fingers crossed they would try Charlie on his mobile….

I suddenly felt so much better and was itching for Charlie to return home. As he walked though the door about half an hour later, I literally dragged the shopping bags out of his hand. ‘Did you get a call from Jason?’. ‘Yes’. ‘ Can we do it?’. ‘Possibly. I need to do some sums’. ‘Ok’, I said. ‘I’ll unpack the shopping; you do that’.

A short time later, sums done, Charlie called Jason back. Offer accepted!

OMG! Was our dream really about to happen and a year earlier than anticipated? Actually 4 or 5 years earlier than anticipated!  From that point on, I felt like I was having an out of body experience! We also settled on a completion date, which you have to do in Spanish law and there are financial penalties if you don’t complete on time. We agreed with the vendor to have everything done by Friday 30 October, Charlie’s 65th birthday.

(N.B. All of my test results came back negative which was great in one way but also frustrating. I needed to alter my diet somewhat and take a stronger antacid)





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