Not so long ago, in a country not that far away…..

Since the mid 90’s, I held a burning ambition that I would eventually live outside the UK. Little did I know at that time that I would actually achieve this goal much earlier than I had originally envisaged.

My initial plan was to work abroad and with the company I was working for in the late 2000’s that did become a possibility; unfortunately, it was a pipe dream and regrettably their plans came to nothing.

Then I met my now husband.  From the start of our relationship, it was clear that we both loved Spain – me not only from childhood holidays in the Balearics’ and Canaries but my parents bought a 2 bedroomed villa on the Costa Blanca which they ran as a holiday let for many years. As a family, we enjoyed many happy holidays there – when my brother and his family came out as well,  we had a ‘villa-full’ and I ended up sleeping on a camp bed next to the breakfast bar and our ‘goodnight’s turned into something from The Walton’s!

My husband had holidayed in Andalucía for nearly 20 years so when we decided to make the move, it was to the Costa del Sol and this is where we have made our home.

But I’ve jumped forward too far.  The purpose of this blog is to give anyone thinking of moving abroad useful information, pointers and as a guide as to what you need to do, what to look out for and hopefully give a humorous view of what its actually like to take that huge ‘leap of faith’ and immerse yourself into the Spanish way of life.

There are two very important things I’d say from the outset –

  • research, research, research
  • ask yourself ‘why can I make the move’, not why I can’t

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